Easy Sign


For open hinged lightboxes are made of sheet material (acrylic or polycarbonate). The use of EPDM sealing rubber (133135) and tough 4 mm polycarbonate or acrylic facilitates the production of a high quality and well-sealed window.


The EasyLine profile series includes a double-sided basic profile for the creation of open hinged lightboxes. The use of dampers ensures easy opening of the boxes. EdgeLighting techniques can also be applied within the EasySign programme.


System LightBox
Feature 168 mm width
Medium Advertisment panel
Usage Indoor & Outdoor
Execution Single & Double sided
Profile 6100 mm, EN AW 6060 T6 mill-finished & anodized
Parts Assembly bracket, sealrubber, connecting pieces
Extra Possibilities for fully assembled and/ or DIY kits
Opened from hingable frontside


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