Easy Facia



EasyFacia® tensioning system A clever and extra-light aluminium tensioning system for illuminated advertising signs (Facia’s), featuring flexible-face material, for indoors and out. Quick construction and mounting possible due to production of pre-assembled and connectable elements of 3000 to 4000 mm.


For the production of Facia or canopy banner illumination in the high street, for petrol forecourt canopies and small lightboxes with banner.


Lightbox length: unlimited due to simple connecting system Maximal height: up to approx. 1500 mm to facilitate change of lamp during servicing.


The system consists of a very limited number of components (that are clicked together) and is easy to install.

Comhan tips

  • Detailed assembly instructions are contained in PDF file below.
  • All profiles are delivered cut or welded to size.
  • Can be delivered pre-assembled subject to adequate batch size (without banner, lighting armatures, lamps etc.)
  • Comhan supplies 7 different banner systems for varying solutions


Sign system EasyFacia® (250mm)
Features Profile & parts for endless dimensions tension frames or canopies
Medium Banner & lightbox
Usage Indoor & Outdoor
Recommended height 1500 mm for outdoor usage due to lamp change, dimensions service panel
Execution Single-sided, hinging service panel
Profile 6100 mm, EN AW 6060 T6, mill-finished
Parts Tension bolt, tension block, sheet-metal screw, cornerconnector, connecting piece, mitred piece, assembly corner
Illumination Through LED or T5 (backlit), PosterBox LED (edgelit), illuminated detailling possible up- and downside
Complete Mountingprofile available to hang the frame quick and easy
Extra 500 x 500 mm pre-assembled cornerpieces


Easy Facia Brocure PDF