Pylon 80 ( XL Pylon)

Pylon 80 [XL]


These systems provide unlimited opportunities for constructing simple information and advertising pillars using a limited number of profiles. It can also be used for signposts or as illuminated signs with ACM sandwich plates (aluminium composite panels).


Using pylon 80-V and 80/2V it is possible to construct larger pylons based on aluminium or steel internal frames made from 80×80 of 60×60 mm tubing. The profiles are easy to mount onto the internal frames using self-tapping screws or metric screws. Divers rolled aluminium, plastic or ACM sheets with a thickness of between 2 and 6 mm can be applied. All profiles are delivered with integral screw threads and various items for assembling the cover sheet.


The advertising sheets are easily removable from Pylon 80/2V. The sealing rubber makes the changeable pylon easy to use. LED or neon illumination and an acrylic cover can be fitted along the sides of the profile. This provides a decorative contour accent. This item can be closed with a click frame.


Sign system Pylon, Information Pillar, Totems
Features Profiles for mini frame to XL sizes
Medium Advertisements & ACM sheets
Illumination TL, TL5, LED
Usage With or without reinforced internal frame
Types 80-V,80/2V, 80-VFF, 50-R 20-S/2S, H. LLF
Profile 6100 mm En AW 6060 T6 mill-finished
Upon request Footbase, rolled panels, welded inner frame and as a DIY kit
Extra Can be used horizontally as well as vertically