A highly extensive programme of cast aluminium pieces for endless applications in different branches: construction, industry and visual communication. Application Advertising and signing: banner tensioning systems for billboards, signposts, name plates, bicycle stands, clothing racks, stand construction, shop interiors, etc. Industry: as safety partitions around machines, for racks in warehouses, loading platforms, steps, etc. Recreation: for constructions in sport halls, stadiums, theme parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, surfing areas, campsites etc. Decorative: photographs on canvas, WOWs and tensioned ceiling prints. Parts Connecta® consists of cast aluminium pieces and a special tube profile. The programme contains at least 29 aluminium components, which are universally applicable and easy to assemble with the accompanying aluminium standard profile. Assembly The Connecta® parts are easily assembled due to the use of: glues, screws or pop rivets. The components and the tube profile are available from stock, mill-finished and, at an extra charge, coated in any RAL colour (powder coating). The Connecta® tube is of course available cut to size with all accompanying parts such as elastic bands and flexclamps. Connecta® parts cannot be anodised (because of casting).