T-Flex 9 Retro

A special T-Flex adapter profile which can be attached onto any supporting backstructure to tension printed textile. Can be applied in, for example, shop windows, doors-, window frames, etc.


The ultimate Textile mini frame from Comhan to stretch SEG fabrics. The frame is provided with a reinforcement detail in which a stiffener can be attached so larger frames are possible as well.

T-Flex 17 Straight

A specially developed T-flex mini frame by Comhan to frame up textile. Applied eg. door frames, window frames, screen doors, room dividers, etc.

T-Flex 17

A specially developed T-Flex Mini frame by Comhan Holland to frame up textile. Applied e.g. on wall, or other objects.

T-flex 23

This frame is for indoor applications available in single-and double-sided versions. The series comprises 15 models and is very suitable for situations where the canvas should be regularly changed.

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