Tube connecting systems In order to link aluminium profiles together, Comhan offers 2 types of tube connecting systems. These systems are being used in different branches. They are, for instance, being used for banner tension systems, aviaries, dog houses, tool trolleys, balconies, fences, bicycle stands, furniture, banner support systems and many other constructions. Connecta® and SquareFix® are the 2 tube connecting systems that Comhan supplies. At the moment, this system is often being used to produce transparent screens, such as splash guards and counter screens, but also desinfection terminals for stores, supermarkets and offices. SquareFix® systems The SquareFix® tube connection assortment contains five square aluminium pipes (25 mm) provided with different flanges. Steel reinforced, black plastic parts can be tapped into these rectangular and anodised aluminium pipes. Comhan provides, among others, corner pieces, 3D elements, adjustable pedestals, stands, shells, hinges, and holders. Next to that, you have the possibility to choose between 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, and even 6-way pieces that allow you to build in virtually every direction. The plastic parts are provided with glue or attached to the tube connectors afterwards by using a rivet. The use of SquareFix® hinges, combined with the correct elements, makes it possible to provide the structures with doors. SquareFix® is a perfect “do it yourself” product and can be used or processed by almost everyone. This is due to the fact that the profiles only need to be cut straight. Moreover, the tube connectors of the SquareFix® assortment can be perfectly combined with lightweight aluminium composite sandwich panels. These panels are also available out of stock at Comhan and can, for instance, be deployed as rear panels in aviary construction or animal shelters. Tube connections systems of Comhan Are you looking for tube connections systems to use in construction, industrial companies, or visual communication? Request information without obligation about the tube connectors of Comha


MULTIFRAME® New at Comhan, create - astonishingly easily - beautiful exhibition, presentation and office walls with the modular Comhan MultiFrame®! Can be combined with printed or sublimated SEG textiles. The system (70 mm deep) consists of three solid aluminium profiles. It is therefore extremely suitable for creating large walls, without applying extra reinforcements. The MultiFrame® is part of the Comhan series Tension Fabric Displays, also known as the Comhan T-Flex® series. Various set-ups possible MultiFrame® can simply be assembled on the spot and offers large versatility in shape. The system can be assembled in various ways, so you can create varied shapes and set-ups. Since the MultiFrame® has such a solid and robust design, it can be continually reused. Extra possibilities If necessary, MultiFrame® can be used in combination with acoustic or sound absorbing materials between the screens. This way, you create sound absorbing – acoustic walls. In addition, it’s possible to attach your own parts to the system, like LED spots and for instance LED screens (see pictures). Please don’t hesitate to ask for the possibilities.

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